Survey Sites

All the following survey sites have been proven to work and to pay out.  All tried and tested by one of the authors of this site, and sometimes we even include payment proof where it does not include personal information.

Gratis Points

Gratis Points is all about you, your opinion and shaping the future of brands, products and services. Gratis Points rewards you for your opinion. Taking online surveys has never been easier. Register today and make the most of Gratis Points’ extensive range of gift cards, gift vouchers and rewards.


When your account reaches 1000 points ($10), you may redeem your points for cash paid to your PayPal or Dwolla account. Alternatively, you may request an electronic gift code to Amazon, Target, and other retailers. Redemptions take approximately 48 hours to process.  Really easy to earn and get a payout.  Join Mintvine today


Well paying, short surveys (5-10 mins).  £50 payout, which doesn't take long to reach. YouGov is very well established and well publicised.  One of my favourite sites, surveys are so easy and simple to complete.

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