Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mintvine - how to get the most out of it

Mintvine is probably one of my favourite survey sites, always lots of surveys, including daily surveys, plus daily polls that earn you a few points as well.

One thing I always forget to mention about Mintvine is its prize draws, for every survey you complete you get one entry into the daily, weekly and monthly draws, yes that's right, three different draws.  So make sure you complete one survey a day and you get entered into each daily draw, 7 entries into each weekly draw and 30 into each monthly.  Of course the more surveys you complete the more draws you get entered in.

Mintvine unlike most other survey sites, also has an offers section, this basically allows you to complete offers, you then get your points added to your Mintvine account, which means you can cash out quicker.  Offers include viewing videos, phone apps and lots more.  I personally don't do the offers because I don't have the time, but its worth looking at.

If you haven't signed up to Mintvine yet, the sooner you do, the sooner you will start earning.  Join Mintvine today.

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