Friday, 29 January 2016

Swagbuck a simple guide to making the most of it

I'm often asked well how do you earn this money from sites like this.  Well its simple its about being logical about earning.  Not just doing anything and everything.

Earning from Swagbucks is actually very easy, you can easily earn £20 a month for not much time at all.  How I hear you all say.

Everyday when you log into swagbucks there will be a bar that says daily goal.

So each day you log in, you see daily goal, it tells you have many swagbucks you need to earn that day in order to get the bonus, it can vary, it could be 50 or 200 average around 80-120 though.  Now getting your daily goal is really easy.  If you do 1 or 2 surveys a day that is 50-200 swagbucks for them surveys.  Let the swagbucks app run videos and that is 10 a day, do a couple of overs that is around 20 - 40 a day depending on which offers and how much you do.  Some offers give you thousands of swagbucks.

So lets break the above down, do the daily goal, lets average it out at 100 swagbucks a day for that, that on a 30 day month means you have got 3000, your bonuses lets say 5 a day (varies can be up to 30).  So 5 a day for 30 days is another 150 swagbucks.  Then you have your bonuses for completely a streak do it daily and you get an extra 300 swagbucks, so just meeting your daily goal that is on average 3450 a month.  Swap that for a voucher or paypal and that is £20, of course do a few more surveys and you are looking at £25 + a month.  See simply and easy.  Give it a try Here

The more you do the more you earn, but as you can see its really simple to earn a decent amount monthly for hardly any effort.

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