Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Digital Trends Programme

With GFK’s DIGITAL TRENDS PROGRAMME we measure internet usage i.e. which web pages you visit, which ads you look at and how log you stay on a page. This information is then used by us in an anonymous and aggregated way.

The information collected from GFK’s DIGITAL TRENDS PROGRAMME helps other companies improve their online services provided to you. Web sites become more user-friendly and offer you the information you need.

All you have to do is install a software and the measurement is done automatically. So, you can normally continue browsing the internet as usual!

By installing GfK’s Digital Trends software and by being active for 30 days you will receive a £10 e-voucher! What’s considered as active? Active means you need to have the app successfully installed, open and running in the background of your device when you're browsing the web (this isn't to be confused with 30 days since the software was installed!).

Still not enough? Why not install the Digital Trends App on your Tablet and/or PC for an extra £10 per device?

On-top of this, you will receive a £5 loyalty incentive every three months if you're active for at least one day each consecutive month.  This adds up to at least £25 a year, more if you install it on your phones, and computers.

To earn even more, sign up through swagbucks and you earn 250-350 swagbucks which is around £2 so so even more reason to sign up.  You don't even notice the apps running.

To sign up via swagbucks click here sign up or login and click on discover and you will see GFK Digital Trends

To sign up direct click and just earn from the program here

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